Our clinic's inception began when our co-founders wanted to seek opportunity to make a major impact in the local community.  We believe that all people are valuable and deserving of having an ally to help them restore hope and enhance the quality of their life.  Much like the mineral salt, we offer a resource for those who have found their life out of balance.   


SALT is a safe place for people of all walks and perspectives. While we all struggle with life from time to time, some situations have us seeking a place where these issues can be addressed with some degree of spiritual processing and insight. We are here to provide this should this be your need. If it isn't, please don't worry. We respect each person and their personal convictions and beliefs. We recognize that everyone comes to us with different views about God and faith, and we have many clients who identify with another faith or non-religious. We put priority on making each person feel welcomed, comfortable, and accepted. We want you to choose if and how you would like to incorporate your personal faith or spirituality into your counseling experience with SALT. SALT's worldview will never infringe upon your value system, but it's a integral part of how we see ourselves. 


SALT Counseling Clinic is working with My Country Y107 to offer a bridge to help by addressing questions you may have about Counseling and how it can have an impact on your world and life. 


Click on the link below to send a confidential question to Kim and Marissa for them to address when they join JR on Tuesday and Thursday mornings @ 8:20 on My Country Y107. Your identity will remain private even as your question will be addressed.