Randy Mack

Weekdays 6A - 10A

Randy Mack started in radio in 1988 and after 4 years in “the business”, decided to pursue higher education and went to broadcasting school in Phoenix, Arizona. While in school, he got hired on the KOOL Gold radio network, which was a nationally carried station playing 50’s and 60’s Rock and Roll.

In 1997 he went back to his hometown of Omaha, NE. and into the music he grew up on, country music! The first concert he
ever went to was a Waylon and Willie show and then 25 years after that first concert, he introduced Waylon on stage and
actually got to hold that leather bound telecaster of Waylon’s before the show. In 2005 Randy Mack was on air staff at KXKT in Omaha when they received their first CMA award for medium market station of the year.

At the age of 42, Randy married his eighth grade sweetheart and moved to Conway in 2016 to be closer to her family. Randy joined the Y107 family in 2018 as an account executive and has added mid-day personality to his duties.

Favorite Movie: The Color of Money
Favorite Musical Artist: Waylon Jennings, of course!
Favorite Place to Visit: Anywhere there is a beach or good fishing!
Would love to have met: Elvis